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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Destiny's Child

There is a mental gig that goes like this - how much is sufficient? How much of food is enough? How much of love is enough? How much of laundry on body is enough? How much of, off course, money is enough? How much of madness is enough (is enough)? How much of sacrifice is still not enough? How much of education is usually enough to link you with sanity? I believe the answer to this question is NE (never enough).

We keep ourselves so focussed on questions of sufficiency that we always lurk for their answers even though we know it doesn't really matter most of the time. Do you think stray dogs eat to fullness everyday? Still, they perform their acts to the fullest when they have to. Similarly a daily wage worker - can you ensure that every hard labouring fibre in his body consumes enough amount of protein? Even if you can't, he still works like lovers in labour with his ploughs on the field. Can you produce enough intel to, 1st gauge and then, create enough love for your soulmate? It is impertinent as well as NE. Education can, maybe, give you jobs, but can't ensure sanity all the time, or can it?

I remember an interesting anecdote here. A few years back, I was training for riding horses and I wasn't able to get better of my fear while riding them, though every class would seem to pile up my confidence level. One day, they changed the horse and that same day I fell for the first time from a horse' back. I realized that it doesn't take number of hunky-dory classes but just one fall to overcome fear of riding these beautiful beasts. Many good riders can claim never having taken the fall; practically, that doesn't mean that no. of classes are tantamount to being a good rider. At the end of day, there is no set rule to decide the fate all the times. You may end up being on a completely different planet (courtesy, Interstellar), even though you have charted out an algorithm for finding the route back to home. You are taken to where you are supposed to.

Similarly, love doesn't have a single route to salvage the fire burning in both (or one's) heart(s). There is no definitive way to a happy love life. And, neither your instincts can decide. All I am saying is there is certainly a strong and untamed factor that decides the outcomes in our lives, and we call it as "destiny".

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