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Monday, 30 March 2015

Trapped by the body, released by the death

Why humans have emotions? Why do they have those pensive phases which they can't control? What are those things that don't let humans achieve their fullest potentials?

Mind is like a sedative drug. It lets you slip in that perennial dependency of a reference point that decides how to react on the outcomes. Never do you suspect the reference point which caused, say glaucoma, to you; rather we end up cursing the outcome (glaucoma) and forget the real culprit. This is a vicious cycle, more so, because of the complexity of nexus between mind and the body. I am not disregarding the fact that such complexities exist elsewhere than humans; however, in humans, it has reached to a level that is far beyond comprehension for an ordinary person.

Not a student of human psychology, but indeed as an observer, I see that most of us are trapped in that body which is driven by emotions and controlled by the limitations that our mind has perceived for ourselves. Fear is one such emotion that has been either culpable of throwing you out of orbit of greatness or instigated to do harm to others - knowingly or unknowingly.

There is no scale to measure the amount of emotions in exactness, let alone regulate the emotions. Theory of relativity, is something which, is very prevalent in this world of emotions; for some, an outburst is just an expression of inner-self and for another it could be reason enough to close all the ties. Hence, another danger - impacts are usually different and hence the perpetrator would take effort & time in coming terms to what went wrong for the other person. Now, again due to relativity, such effort and time taken vary and hence all the chaos in the world.

So, do emotions have nothing in favour of their reason to exist? Let's see. Can you imagine a world of Terminator like robots? I think emotions are the cranky vestige of the last good thing that embodied mankind, a passage from gods to remind humans of their limits, a medium to serve oneself with hell or heaven while breathing on earth. The last breathe, though, takes all of it with itself to the "blackhole" where emotions meet their grave - only life has the strength enough to effect a reverse pull.

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