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Friday, 27 March 2015

Scarred for life

Some deep wounds of past die hard and leave a lasting scar behind. Scarface! That movie had lead character, played by my favourite Al Pacino, doomed from very beginning when he had to leave Cuba and come to States as a refugee. The home country was not liveable anymore and hence hapless people left it in search of a safer place. No one saw it coming that it is not going to be easier in the new place as well, at least for the lead character’s family and leading to a sad end.

Stating the above as my opening lines shouldn't be construed as a negative for people moving to newer place for a better life. It is the native place that I have mixed reactions towards. Did it fail to deliver or its ex-dweller didn't try enough to make that place liveable? It is like an egg and chicken situation. There is something, even more, vital involved here - the aftermath. A migrant always, either forced or by oneself, accepts the vagaries of a new place. This becomes a routine and mostly passed to the next generation. When a first generation person conducts oneself in a new place, the adjustments are too much to follow. Like the first time a person makes way through a crowded lane, knowing that he never till this time did it in his life and assuming he is already in his late 20s or early 30s. Also, the intimidation of being alone and unknown amongst a crowd gives a chilling to his spine, similar to a dying roadside dog, attended by no one.

Why people leave each other? Why people leave some place and advent to another, and not trying enough in their original place? What attracts people in each other in 1st encounter to be completely quelled down in subsequent ones? Why no amount of love is sufficient to hold back the ones you want to? When migration is justified with rendering equilibrium in population of a place, I do understand; just can't assimilate when it is to justify the insufficiency of opportunities. If you don't have enough population at a place, the opportunities will lead to their gradual extermination as well. That apparent dearth of true love at a place and the illusive greatness at another - now, this looks like a strong reason behind any immigration that has happened since the inception of mankind.

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