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Monday, 27 April 2015

Do you know me? But, I don’t know myself

It was a usual evening, when some people met at a place. 

What intrigues me is that how connects happen in this universe. More importantly, what keeps alive these connects? It is, absolutely, not in our hands and can’t be controlled. How does the energy travel through us in the journey of knowing people? How important are the external factors, which impact such energy? Why we mortals happen to be in awe of such energy, and also feel defeated by the
same at other times? Why heart weighs different at different levels of such energy – does that mean theory of relativity decide the weight of heart?

Not to complicate this post further, and just to mellow down the heightened curiosity by the seemingly difficult questions above, I have penned down this rendezvous in the form a poem. The same can be visited at

Awaiting your comments on both.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Some bygones die hard - Part 2

The noises were getting louder now. Could it be the end?, was what Manish wondering.

Jayant was the last among the fighting slum dwellers to have met a tragic end, in a road accident. Yes, it was labelled as an accident only. Some went missing, and their files followed the suit too.
When a person died, he was accompanied by the entire family; so, no one were left to file an FIR also. Manish had to take back the case against the builder as no protestants were left; even the charity group, he was supporting along with his wife, insisted to take the case back - they never wanted harm to their reputation and lives.

Manish was not be spared either. Raghu had him pay ransom, by threatening against his and family's life; but Raghu was also coming increasingly under the scanner of narcotics department of the crime branch. Manish couldn't see a better way to escape Raghu's constant extortion threats and slipped a tip to the authority, which led to the ambush at Raghu's safe haven.

Now, who is calling Manish for more extortion money? And from the same number! It was getting dark, but his adrenaline levels had gone past his fear of the dreaded place, that once used to be
Raghu's den. What can hurt him more than wrenching sounds of those calls, overwhelming his ability to think?

So, you came?, Manish was startled, hearing a similar voice behind the silhouette of a door near his old residence. Raghu, is that you? How can it be? I heard you were dead. Eerie silence followed for a whole minute, while Manish thought he was hallucinating. Freeze, you chicken! Or, I will roast you like one. Yes, I am alive. Does that sorrow you? What brings you here, old buddy, huh? Manish couldn't believe his luck. He had thought his days of woe are over.  I couldn't pay more to your demands. I am done with it. Do whatever you want to do! Finally, Manish could conjure up strength to say that.

Ok! Here is a pact. Never mention to anyone about our rendezvous today, ever! Not even your wife. Now, go back to your world and never return to this place.

Manish was pacing back, still thinking that it was all a hallucination.

You were right about him, Dhruv. Investigating officer Kailash said to his partner. It was brilliant of you to record Raghu's statement, before his death, and use it to confirm your belief. 

Some bygones, die hard.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Some bygones die hard - Part 1

Lot of noises in the head!!!

What was happening to Manish? He could not hold it down since he learnt about it. An evil pharaoh was ruling on his fate, it seemed. He just had managed to escape from his most dreaded enemy, Raghu, the local mafia leader and his childhood buddy. Raghu was gunned down during a police raid at his notorious gang's hideout. It just had felt like the end of 100 years of agony. Life was still unforgiving.

How his lifeline kept on running short against his life's traumas? He went back to his old neighbourhood to find some clues.

In the vicinity of dockyard, a dilapidated slum was encroaching the walkway between the high-rises and the sea. It has been long in the radar of property builders and affluent classes, who bee-hived the tall residential buildings. To them, the slum always reminded of gutters. To an extent, it was right. Most of the shanties were not liveable and would house the pleasure-acts of mafia's army in the dark. They were so murky and filled with filth, that nobody from the neighbouring quarters would like to visit them without a suicidal mind; especially during dark hours. It was this very slum where Manish and Raghu spent their childhood, which doesn't house families anymore, but the satans of the city.

Manish and Raghu, 2 orphans and raised by a mafia-lord, Seth, had seen it all before one of them decided to not enter this world of evil. Manish, always wanted to lead a life like a babu and was inclined very early in his life towards books and the intellect class. Seth, would see in him as someone who he couldn't become and sent him to school. Seth sent Raghu to school too, though Raghu, diametrically opposite, was a heartless brat and would never settle for anything below his expectations - may be the reason behind being ousted from his school for writing outrageously abusing remarks on his teacher in her subject's paper. He decided to never go back to a place that sobers one down.

They must be around same age, and it must be about a decade and a half, when Seth got killed in an all gang-war. Manish was adopted by the generous board of the very school he was studying at; Manish, being a a brute animal from inside, could never find any adopting suitors and continued his path to mafia-dom. Manish went on to become a lawyer, a very successful one. He was never ever to lose a case; but, sometimes, some stigmata of the past never fade easily.

Manish' wife was a big socialite and supported a charity group. This would pull Manish into taking many cases and put him into Messaih kind of a fame. Manish always remembered the noble side of Seth and how it helped him grow popular among his aides. That would fillip Manish into so
many generous acts. One such case he took was a rehabilitation case for a group of dwellers, who were the last lineage of good Samaritans that ever stayed in that old slum's locality.

Raghu, the heir-apparent of Seth, had been working out of the broken dockyard area for his new
interest - drugs. He wouldn't let the place go out of his clutches and would not even part with a fair settlement with those poor dwellers. Behind the cover of a property dealer, he was fighting the case against Manish; directly, he was wiping out them, one after another. be continued

Monday, 13 April 2015

My thoughts, my words...Our thoughts, our words

Yikes! I saw a trailer with some transporter’s name (say Kailash) succeeded by Road-li-ness (breaking the word like this is important as I read it like this). Upon a bit careful observation, I saw the correct version which was the usual Roadlines. Now, I believe,
neologism is part personal too, like many other things in life. Let’s see if it really is.

Starting with this very example. To me, it went like “Kailash Roadliness”, which meant to my logical mind as something similar to friendliness to road, while reading it written on a road transporter’s trailer. As my mind wasn't exposed to an external influence (even the 2nd, and longer, observation on the word Roadline hadn't materialized) at that moment, but a gut feeling of existence of such word (Roadliness), I definitely put the origin of this word as personal.

I am sure there would go a lot of non-personal thoughts while giving birth a term, more essentially some of those basic terms, like Road per say. It is derived from a long usage of its ancient form in old languages like Latin, archaic Greek and even Sanskrit. Still, anyone following the World politics and Lexicology, hand-in-hand or separately, would not forget how one of the past governors of US riled up controversy by coining a term called refudiate (this, off course, seems like a mix-up, which was later hushed down by her by indicating it as her creation). Doesn't that sound a creation from her personal belief of existence of such a word, much before the same was deleted from her social network (only to be re-written later, a bit brashly, due to external voices)?

I am no pundit in Etymology (origin of words), but if the creation of word masses had befallen on me, as an observer of history, I would have given the credit of its origin to Moses (the Jewish Messiah), who was able to move a lot of people. If you ask me, I would still believe that way, just
because of my personal belief. Similarly, the actual creator of this word must have his/her personal reasons too to link with its real origin.

Now, personal reasons could also be derived from experience, rather than quick instinctive reactions. That experience could be similar for many individuals, either from the same era or from different. Due to constant buzz of this harmonious experience over a substantial time, it is taken as a common
belief – which should explain the etymology of words like Road.

Again, if you ask me, I would have my own personal reasons in deriving a word called Road. Something looking like a rod, but a lot more extended, hence the stretching effect in its

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Once deceived, twice shy

How cool it feels when you exchange those first "hello(s)"s and "hi(s)".

Daniel was at a city's famous pub, leisurely sipping his Martini and giving intermittent glances at the lady in red, who was sitting across him at the other end of the lounge. He almost forgot to keep his
guards on, when suddenly she threw a strange stare back at him. A
bit embarrassed, Daniel continued sipping his drink, resolving to never peek her for the rest of the evening. He almost shuddered, when he heard a female voice saying "hello".

Nita, lady in red, was an absolute stunner. Can you please help me? I am waiting for my estranged husband, and I need to show him that's it all over. Do you understand me? Daniel was clueless on what his next reaction be, and he just nodded hysterically. Quarter hour into some pleasantries, a guy in his mid 30s arrives and Nita issues a quick wink at Daniel. This is my friend Daniel, and he's Ricky. Daniel and I were in college together. At this moment, Nita locks her one arm around Daniel's back, which throws Ricky into a dizzy stance.

Why didn't you tell me, ever before, about him? All this while, I kept thinking that you loved me. Why did you marry me in the first place?...quizzed a still dizzied Ricky, who was now grimacing. I am sorry is what Nita could say before Ricky disappeared before them.

Daniel, still bedazzled by Nita's beauty, could not make much about what just happened. A relaxed Nita turned to him and said - That went all right. Anyways, it was nice meeting you...errr...Daniel. Thanks for the help. It was then, when Daniel was hit by the crux of this whole episode - that he just was used as a pawn to settle one's quest for something; that he should be more careful while dealing with charming people. Who knows what was going on between these 2. He could have just averted this odd situation in the first place by refusing Nita. For sure, looks can be deceiving at times. Daniel,
the future James Bond, just had learnt an important lesson.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Story of an awakening

5:35 AM...

Every iota of mind is playing with my existence, by injecting a sedative serum. From a distant corner of my valley of senses, a squeaking voice is stroking my wild passion to get up and fight this heavy
sedation. This untamed passion was blinking to life and had a heavy odds of sinking under the overdose of confusing effects of mind.

Every moment, that passed, was blowing life out of this wild passion. Though the same battle been fought infinite times in the past, still the passion is helpless against this cohort of mind and body; thus
the results are always surprisingly different. It is due to this interplay and at the hour when passion
has been rendered soft, due to exposure to flimsy visions called dreams, that passion cedes many a times. So what? Not this day!

A jolt came out from nowhere and put me on auto-pilot mode for next half a minute. It seems, the
memory of an earlier victory came gushing into my veins and have clinched the victory again. 6:00 AM...and I'm up and in control now.

Monday, 6 April 2015

At times, Mind is a villain of supreme kind

Why benevolence is in dearth on this earth? This is the subject I find intriguing, most of the times. So, I felt doing some self-quizzing and come up with the reason myself.

I understand the concept of quid pro pro, and in sync with the same, people (in general) may not exchange a kind gesture if not have received one. What is more surprising when this premise is violated -  I mean, why one needs to be mean to someone when not given the same favour in the first place?

Is it because a certain mind works in a particular way, in a certain situation, at a certain time, refined and biased by factors unique to that mind? Let's go to an example straightaway. Let's assume goal A is what mind 1 wants to materialize. While doing so, it will run through motley of options it has. Suppose, option M looks like a path to realize goal A; and option M comes after several trials with previously available options. Now, substantially into this path (which could be another person with a mind, 2, of own), mind 1 feels infeasibility to realize goal A via M. At this juncture all the hell breaks lose, when mind 1 lofts out option M (for this case, consider to be a person with mind 2) like a use-and-throw object. Mind 2 must have its own logic to align with mind 1 realize goal A, having sensed no alarm, in the beginning, of the later-to-be conspicuously frivolous manner of mind 1's attachment. Just like a running locomotive's bogie has its inertia, that needs to be calmed down to zero before detaching from another
without any fuss (whatsoever), it is even more important to follow the same ritual in case of attached minds. Just because mind 1 saw a safe escape route for itself, in an ongoing journey together, doesn't mean a harmony is ensured. Disregarding such a fact always induces unwarranted negativity in the form of pain, suffering, trauma etc.

More importantly, 3rd law of dynamics (of any kind), is valid in all the spheres of living as well as non-living world. This, a mind may not comprehend because the re-bound effect may take its own time; a mind, sensing the well being of its own periphery, may not foresee the same.

Now, mind tries and emulates logical/legal agreement based transactions in emotions-based decisions. This always creates a legitimate escape route - cunning minds use this and unassuming minds fall for such a trap. Because it is legitimate, majority of us are forced to accept it as right and this becomes a practice among the lot. It is only when a pinching happens due to own accepted rule, does an individual understands the lacuna of comparing emotions with logical/legal agreements.

If a mind is sincere in its conduct, it will never let the situation fall into an emotional entropy; it will always give right signals at the right times about its intensions and will never take a decision in a snap to cause emotional disharmony; it will choose the best path for the 2 or many, rather than 1; it will never weave traps; it will not subscribe supremacy of legitimacy, but come clean by itself. These are just some of the courtesies that we overlook while digging emotionally deep, only to cut and bleed our way around/out. We tend to forget the energy and effort it took to create that way, while lynching it; and we forget that, while doing so, we close
our own access to this way forever - a way that was meant to be the forebear of benevolence, trust and emotional harmony.