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Direct from Heart
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Monday, 6 April 2015

At times, Mind is a villain of supreme kind

Why benevolence is in dearth on this earth? This is the subject I find intriguing, most of the times. So, I felt doing some self-quizzing and come up with the reason myself.

I understand the concept of quid pro pro, and in sync with the same, people (in general) may not exchange a kind gesture if not have received one. What is more surprising when this premise is violated -  I mean, why one needs to be mean to someone when not given the same favour in the first place?

Is it because a certain mind works in a particular way, in a certain situation, at a certain time, refined and biased by factors unique to that mind? Let's go to an example straightaway. Let's assume goal A is what mind 1 wants to materialize. While doing so, it will run through motley of options it has. Suppose, option M looks like a path to realize goal A; and option M comes after several trials with previously available options. Now, substantially into this path (which could be another person with a mind, 2, of own), mind 1 feels infeasibility to realize goal A via M. At this juncture all the hell breaks lose, when mind 1 lofts out option M (for this case, consider to be a person with mind 2) like a use-and-throw object. Mind 2 must have its own logic to align with mind 1 realize goal A, having sensed no alarm, in the beginning, of the later-to-be conspicuously frivolous manner of mind 1's attachment. Just like a running locomotive's bogie has its inertia, that needs to be calmed down to zero before detaching from another
without any fuss (whatsoever), it is even more important to follow the same ritual in case of attached minds. Just because mind 1 saw a safe escape route for itself, in an ongoing journey together, doesn't mean a harmony is ensured. Disregarding such a fact always induces unwarranted negativity in the form of pain, suffering, trauma etc.

More importantly, 3rd law of dynamics (of any kind), is valid in all the spheres of living as well as non-living world. This, a mind may not comprehend because the re-bound effect may take its own time; a mind, sensing the well being of its own periphery, may not foresee the same.

Now, mind tries and emulates logical/legal agreement based transactions in emotions-based decisions. This always creates a legitimate escape route - cunning minds use this and unassuming minds fall for such a trap. Because it is legitimate, majority of us are forced to accept it as right and this becomes a practice among the lot. It is only when a pinching happens due to own accepted rule, does an individual understands the lacuna of comparing emotions with logical/legal agreements.

If a mind is sincere in its conduct, it will never let the situation fall into an emotional entropy; it will always give right signals at the right times about its intensions and will never take a decision in a snap to cause emotional disharmony; it will choose the best path for the 2 or many, rather than 1; it will never weave traps; it will not subscribe supremacy of legitimacy, but come clean by itself. These are just some of the courtesies that we overlook while digging emotionally deep, only to cut and bleed our way around/out. We tend to forget the energy and effort it took to create that way, while lynching it; and we forget that, while doing so, we close
our own access to this way forever - a way that was meant to be the forebear of benevolence, trust and emotional harmony.

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