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Direct from Heart
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Monday, 27 April 2015

Do you know me? But, I don’t know myself

It was a usual evening, when some people met at a place. 

What intrigues me is that how connects happen in this universe. More importantly, what keeps alive these connects? It is, absolutely, not in our hands and can’t be controlled. How does the energy travel through us in the journey of knowing people? How important are the external factors, which impact such energy? Why we mortals happen to be in awe of such energy, and also feel defeated by the
same at other times? Why heart weighs different at different levels of such energy – does that mean theory of relativity decide the weight of heart?

Not to complicate this post further, and just to mellow down the heightened curiosity by the seemingly difficult questions above, I have penned down this rendezvous in the form a poem. The same can be visited at

Awaiting your comments on both.

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