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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Some bygones die hard - Part 1

Lot of noises in the head!!!

What was happening to Manish? He could not hold it down since he learnt about it. An evil pharaoh was ruling on his fate, it seemed. He just had managed to escape from his most dreaded enemy, Raghu, the local mafia leader and his childhood buddy. Raghu was gunned down during a police raid at his notorious gang's hideout. It just had felt like the end of 100 years of agony. Life was still unforgiving.

How his lifeline kept on running short against his life's traumas? He went back to his old neighbourhood to find some clues.

In the vicinity of dockyard, a dilapidated slum was encroaching the walkway between the high-rises and the sea. It has been long in the radar of property builders and affluent classes, who bee-hived the tall residential buildings. To them, the slum always reminded of gutters. To an extent, it was right. Most of the shanties were not liveable and would house the pleasure-acts of mafia's army in the dark. They were so murky and filled with filth, that nobody from the neighbouring quarters would like to visit them without a suicidal mind; especially during dark hours. It was this very slum where Manish and Raghu spent their childhood, which doesn't house families anymore, but the satans of the city.

Manish and Raghu, 2 orphans and raised by a mafia-lord, Seth, had seen it all before one of them decided to not enter this world of evil. Manish, always wanted to lead a life like a babu and was inclined very early in his life towards books and the intellect class. Seth, would see in him as someone who he couldn't become and sent him to school. Seth sent Raghu to school too, though Raghu, diametrically opposite, was a heartless brat and would never settle for anything below his expectations - may be the reason behind being ousted from his school for writing outrageously abusing remarks on his teacher in her subject's paper. He decided to never go back to a place that sobers one down.

They must be around same age, and it must be about a decade and a half, when Seth got killed in an all gang-war. Manish was adopted by the generous board of the very school he was studying at; Manish, being a a brute animal from inside, could never find any adopting suitors and continued his path to mafia-dom. Manish went on to become a lawyer, a very successful one. He was never ever to lose a case; but, sometimes, some stigmata of the past never fade easily.

Manish' wife was a big socialite and supported a charity group. This would pull Manish into taking many cases and put him into Messaih kind of a fame. Manish always remembered the noble side of Seth and how it helped him grow popular among his aides. That would fillip Manish into so
many generous acts. One such case he took was a rehabilitation case for a group of dwellers, who were the last lineage of good Samaritans that ever stayed in that old slum's locality.

Raghu, the heir-apparent of Seth, had been working out of the broken dockyard area for his new
interest - drugs. He wouldn't let the place go out of his clutches and would not even part with a fair settlement with those poor dwellers. Behind the cover of a property dealer, he was fighting the case against Manish; directly, he was wiping out them, one after another. be continued


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