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Friday, 17 April 2015

Some bygones die hard - Part 2

The noises were getting louder now. Could it be the end?, was what Manish wondering.

Jayant was the last among the fighting slum dwellers to have met a tragic end, in a road accident. Yes, it was labelled as an accident only. Some went missing, and their files followed the suit too.
When a person died, he was accompanied by the entire family; so, no one were left to file an FIR also. Manish had to take back the case against the builder as no protestants were left; even the charity group, he was supporting along with his wife, insisted to take the case back - they never wanted harm to their reputation and lives.

Manish was not be spared either. Raghu had him pay ransom, by threatening against his and family's life; but Raghu was also coming increasingly under the scanner of narcotics department of the crime branch. Manish couldn't see a better way to escape Raghu's constant extortion threats and slipped a tip to the authority, which led to the ambush at Raghu's safe haven.

Now, who is calling Manish for more extortion money? And from the same number! It was getting dark, but his adrenaline levels had gone past his fear of the dreaded place, that once used to be
Raghu's den. What can hurt him more than wrenching sounds of those calls, overwhelming his ability to think?

So, you came?, Manish was startled, hearing a similar voice behind the silhouette of a door near his old residence. Raghu, is that you? How can it be? I heard you were dead. Eerie silence followed for a whole minute, while Manish thought he was hallucinating. Freeze, you chicken! Or, I will roast you like one. Yes, I am alive. Does that sorrow you? What brings you here, old buddy, huh? Manish couldn't believe his luck. He had thought his days of woe are over.  I couldn't pay more to your demands. I am done with it. Do whatever you want to do! Finally, Manish could conjure up strength to say that.

Ok! Here is a pact. Never mention to anyone about our rendezvous today, ever! Not even your wife. Now, go back to your world and never return to this place.

Manish was pacing back, still thinking that it was all a hallucination.

You were right about him, Dhruv. Investigating officer Kailash said to his partner. It was brilliant of you to record Raghu's statement, before his death, and use it to confirm your belief. 

Some bygones, die hard.

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