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Direct from Heart
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Story of an awakening

5:35 AM...

Every iota of mind is playing with my existence, by injecting a sedative serum. From a distant corner of my valley of senses, a squeaking voice is stroking my wild passion to get up and fight this heavy
sedation. This untamed passion was blinking to life and had a heavy odds of sinking under the overdose of confusing effects of mind.

Every moment, that passed, was blowing life out of this wild passion. Though the same battle been fought infinite times in the past, still the passion is helpless against this cohort of mind and body; thus
the results are always surprisingly different. It is due to this interplay and at the hour when passion
has been rendered soft, due to exposure to flimsy visions called dreams, that passion cedes many a times. So what? Not this day!

A jolt came out from nowhere and put me on auto-pilot mode for next half a minute. It seems, the
memory of an earlier victory came gushing into my veins and have clinched the victory again. 6:00 AM...and I'm up and in control now.

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