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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Once deceived, twice shy

How cool it feels when you exchange those first "hello(s)"s and "hi(s)".

Daniel was at a city's famous pub, leisurely sipping his Martini and giving intermittent glances at the lady in red, who was sitting across him at the other end of the lounge. He almost forgot to keep his
guards on, when suddenly she threw a strange stare back at him. A
bit embarrassed, Daniel continued sipping his drink, resolving to never peek her for the rest of the evening. He almost shuddered, when he heard a female voice saying "hello".

Nita, lady in red, was an absolute stunner. Can you please help me? I am waiting for my estranged husband, and I need to show him that's it all over. Do you understand me? Daniel was clueless on what his next reaction be, and he just nodded hysterically. Quarter hour into some pleasantries, a guy in his mid 30s arrives and Nita issues a quick wink at Daniel. This is my friend Daniel, and he's Ricky. Daniel and I were in college together. At this moment, Nita locks her one arm around Daniel's back, which throws Ricky into a dizzy stance.

Why didn't you tell me, ever before, about him? All this while, I kept thinking that you loved me. Why did you marry me in the first place?...quizzed a still dizzied Ricky, who was now grimacing. I am sorry is what Nita could say before Ricky disappeared before them.

Daniel, still bedazzled by Nita's beauty, could not make much about what just happened. A relaxed Nita turned to him and said - That went all right. Anyways, it was nice meeting you...errr...Daniel. Thanks for the help. It was then, when Daniel was hit by the crux of this whole episode - that he just was used as a pawn to settle one's quest for something; that he should be more careful while dealing with charming people. Who knows what was going on between these 2. He could have just averted this odd situation in the first place by refusing Nita. For sure, looks can be deceiving at times. Daniel,
the future James Bond, just had learnt an important lesson.

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