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Monday, 13 April 2015

My thoughts, my words...Our thoughts, our words

Yikes! I saw a trailer with some transporter’s name (say Kailash) succeeded by Road-li-ness (breaking the word like this is important as I read it like this). Upon a bit careful observation, I saw the correct version which was the usual Roadlines. Now, I believe,
neologism is part personal too, like many other things in life. Let’s see if it really is.

Starting with this very example. To me, it went like “Kailash Roadliness”, which meant to my logical mind as something similar to friendliness to road, while reading it written on a road transporter’s trailer. As my mind wasn't exposed to an external influence (even the 2nd, and longer, observation on the word Roadline hadn't materialized) at that moment, but a gut feeling of existence of such word (Roadliness), I definitely put the origin of this word as personal.

I am sure there would go a lot of non-personal thoughts while giving birth a term, more essentially some of those basic terms, like Road per say. It is derived from a long usage of its ancient form in old languages like Latin, archaic Greek and even Sanskrit. Still, anyone following the World politics and Lexicology, hand-in-hand or separately, would not forget how one of the past governors of US riled up controversy by coining a term called refudiate (this, off course, seems like a mix-up, which was later hushed down by her by indicating it as her creation). Doesn't that sound a creation from her personal belief of existence of such a word, much before the same was deleted from her social network (only to be re-written later, a bit brashly, due to external voices)?

I am no pundit in Etymology (origin of words), but if the creation of word masses had befallen on me, as an observer of history, I would have given the credit of its origin to Moses (the Jewish Messiah), who was able to move a lot of people. If you ask me, I would still believe that way, just
because of my personal belief. Similarly, the actual creator of this word must have his/her personal reasons too to link with its real origin.

Now, personal reasons could also be derived from experience, rather than quick instinctive reactions. That experience could be similar for many individuals, either from the same era or from different. Due to constant buzz of this harmonious experience over a substantial time, it is taken as a common
belief – which should explain the etymology of words like Road.

Again, if you ask me, I would have my own personal reasons in deriving a word called Road. Something looking like a rod, but a lot more extended, hence the stretching effect in its


  1. How words got their names we can never be sure. But I liked your perspective :-)

    1. True and hence we have our own perceptions...thanks a lot for liking mine ;)